Permanent values

The Villinki line features original solid birch furniture, the idea for which was born on the islands of the Gulf of Finland and which is characterized by Northern beauty, durability and versatile usability.

Should we desire so, the high-quality Villinki furniture line can last our lifetime!

Wide area of use

Villinki furniture is good-looking as well as pleasant to touch and use. Displays of toughened glass pane and sliding doors as well as cabinet modules with wooden doors can be used to meet to your wishes and needs - as a bookcase, or a storage space for collector's items, decorative elements and tableware. By placing modules on top of or next to each other, it is very easy to create combinations for the living room, dining room, nursery and office.

Easy to place

Displays use easy-to-move metal sliders which are placed at the top of the module, thus being out of our sight and not collecting any dust. Additionally, the line includes various drawer and shelf modules, a dining table and accompanying chairs, and a desk.

Villinki catalog

Catalogue pdf

The manufacturing process respects environmentally sound use of materials - all items are finished with water-based paints or stains and varnished.

W-White / WA-Woodwash / O-Oak

DB-Dark brown / M-Mocca