Bookcases and shelves are put together from different ready-to-use modules which provide you with the possibility of shaping units that fit your interior, as cabinets with either glass or wooden doors. Corner elements allow you to join modules situated next to different walls and help to adjust the furniture according to the consumer's needs so as to use the room purposefully. Glass doors, constructed to protect the books from dust, are fitted into bookcases and open upwards, but can be easily removed for cleaning. Classical brass knobs add special elegance to the doors.

Skano shelf elements are supplied as assembled. To assemble the furniture you just put the elements together in a desirable configuration. Elements are put on top of each other or next to each other and they can be moved later, if desired; it is very easy to redesign the interior according to current moods or trends.

Standard elements are 87 cm in width, but the width of shelves can be reduced upon order.

Bookcase elements are available in two heights: 31 and 36 cm. Plus, we offer a display element (47 cm in height), home office element "secretary", elements with drawers, TV boards of two designs, inner shelves and it is possible to choose between glass and wooden doors.

The finishing of wooden surfaces comes in three standard shades - dark brown, light brown and chestnut stain.

Light brown 02

Dark brown 03

Chestnut 04

Standard elements are 87 cm in width, but the width of shelves can be reduced upon order.

Upon order, most of the modules are also available in a shortened form. A special module has been created to join wall units above doors. Thus, should you so wish, you could cover the entire wall with Skano shelves.
The materials we use include quality birch, plywood and blockboard (strip board). Thus, furniture materials which were commonly used in the past are - with the help of modern technology - turned into furniture with its spirit always lingering in the 19th century.

Natural 01

Oak 13

Woodwash 12

Mahogany 06

Mocca 16

Black 05

White 11

Antique white 08

Grey 07

Green 09

Blue 10

For the living room

Modules of two depths and three heights can be put together based on the specifics of the room. At the same time, both the width and height of the cabinet shall be decided by the client. Section units situated next to different walls can be joined together to a single unit, using elements for inner and/or outer corner. Likewise, the client shall decide upon the amount of drawers they need and the amount of modules with glass or wooden doors.

Behind light glass doors that open upwards and into the bookcase you can display both colourful stones that remind you of a trip you have taken as well as your favourite books and china set handed down through generations. Behind the wood-panelled doors, you can place things you might not want to show to everyone. "Secret drawers" in the base are also very practical.

Coffee tables included in the line are comfortable and in harmony with the rest of the interior.